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City Buffet at Robinson’s Galleria

So we were damn sick of the cafeteria in our office building; we heard about the new buffet restaurant at the nearby mall — so we left our work stations at 11:30, took a cab to Robinson’s Galleria, and ran to the top floor, to the graveyard of Timezone (where Jeremy and I used to play after work), to where City Buffet stands — fresh and fabulous. ;)

Since the branch was newly opened, the lady at the reception area talked about their “promo” price of P500. It was quite an easy decision for hungry girls like us, so we ran into the table nearest the buffet table, and dug into gluttony. We were not able to take much photos because according to one of the waiting staff — it’s not allowed. Not allowed even if I have taken lots of photos of Sambo Kojin, Yakimix, Buffet 101. Right, man, right.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got and what I’ve got to say:

Salad Bar

I like lettuce, shredded carrots, egg, croutons, and bacons in Caesar sauce…WHEN I’M NOT HUNGRY. But I was, and I was paying P500 so I didn’t come any near that table. I did come back over and over for Kimchi, though (still a dose of veggies for me).

Salad Bar

Sushi Bar

‘Fcourse, I’ve got to take a few pieces of their fresh Tuna and Salmon Sashimi, California Maki, and Tempura. Buffet is never complete without them. These are the only carbs that go down my belly at buffet restaurants, with lots of meat and seafood and other expensive food. :D

My carbs!

Sashimi and sushi and and sauces and…satay?

Main Entree Table

This is THE table. The Main Entree. The event. The 400 pesos of the 500. I couldn’t be more excited…and disappointed of the very few choices.

beautiful decoration

Ambiance was EXCELLENT. With its high ceiling and chandelier. Just forget you saw the visible plugs by the sushi bar.

That’s me, picking out food for my tummy!

I cannot decide what type of cuisine City Buffet boasts. But I loved the Spicy Shrimp, did not dare take even a scoop of Paella because it’s heavy. The Chicken and Pork, I found very ordinary — I did not feel festive around them, I did not feel good about eating them as part of 500 pesos, so I didn’t.

Red Curry Chicken and Spicy Shrimp

Paella and Spicy Breaded Pork

And even the presence of Crispy Pata and Daing na Bangus on the table did not make me feel better. Does that make me picky? Or can anyone consider my disappointment? I mean, Daing na Bangus in such posh place with posh price? Don’t get me wrong, I love Daing na Bangus.

Crispy Pata and Daing na Bangus

And…there was nothing else. Nothing else that’s special. Yet, despite lack of “festive” feeling, I was still excited to eat. I was starving.

What am I gonna eat first??? Can’t even stare at the camera long enough!


This must be the highlight of City Buffet…where most of what you paid went. The DESSERT table was AWESOME and overflowing with goodness and sweetness.

First, there’s the pastries counter with various sampler sizes of sweetness — brownies, cakes, cookies — everything that you would like to stay in your mouth forever but unfortunately will go down to your belly.

The highlight of City Buffet: Desserts

More desserts. Pastries, cakes, ice cream, fruits, name it.

There’s also the ice cream counter — vanilla, chocolate, mocha, and my personal favorite, strawberry, and more. With even yummier toppings to comfort your sweet tooth — candy sprinkles, chocolate kisses, marshmallows, gummy bears, m&m’s, and more!!! Just so sad there was no Chocolate Fountain! :( It’s always been a habit to drizzle my ice cream with melted chocolate.

Ice Cream Toppings — chocolates, candies, marshmallows, etc.

My sweet cup of ice cream…my idea of dessert. :)

There were also assorted fruits and DIY halo-halo with my favorite toppings, and I loved ’em! :)

But the worst thing about having not-so-awesome main entrees BUT really great desserts, is that you don’t eat a lot of the desserts anymore — because you’ve already eaten a lot of the main event.

Still, my thanks to City Buffet for saving the day. We had a nice lunch!

Just that, I don’t think I’ll be back. Not unless there’d be anything new.

2 comments on “City Buffet at Robinson’s Galleria

  1. J. Villanueva
    May 10, 2013

    Thanks for the writeup! I’m from overseas and taking my family there to treat them. P.S. is that you on the left? You’re cute. Cheers.

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