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Buffet 101: My New Favorite!

Beware, high-end hotel cafes. With the growing affordable all-you-can-eat industry, you sure might want to think of something new.

Just in the past two or three years, we had seen Tong Yang being crushed by new all-you-can-eat restaurants offering the same drill: meats in a grill and shabu-shabu. Among its most popular competitors are Yakimix and Sambo Kojin. These offerings immediately became crowd favorites, and Tong Yang became less popular.

Today, we see a new and maybe, an even more interesting competition between affordable buffet restaurants and hotel cafes. While hotels offer a posh, top-quality, A-service dining experience, our new restaurants don’t fall too far from hotel encounters. Vikings and Buffet 101 officially became as popular in 2011, and I have been to both only twice. Although it’s probably too early to tell, I liked Buffet 101 more.

Buffet 101 has already opened two branches — the first one along Seaside in Mall of Asia, the other in Robinsons Magnolia. I have been to both branches but might have to share with you more of my experience on the latter as it’s more recent. :D

I might have to start with this: I barely liked Yakimix. And Buffet 101 is owned by Yakimix’s owners. And I loved everything about Buffet 101 — from its pretty chandeliers, the glossy and sparkly walls and floors, the service, and most importantly, the food! No complain at all!

Pretty chandelier!

Salad Station

Let’s start off with the lighter options, which, even if already a meal to others, I would like to call appetizers. Crunchy lettuces, tomatoes, bacons, croutons, heavenly dressings — and more. Buffet 101’s salad station is a stop you must make, even if you take only a spoonful or two.

Salad Station

And of course there are also Korean appetizers — Kimchi and other chili flavored veggies. Vegetarians will surely be satisfied with these healthy options.

Sushi Bar

It never disappears in any buffet restaurant, and if it is missing at all, the experience will be incomplete. Along with the perfectly wrapped sushi and fresh sashimi, there are also our classic faves Tempura and Tonkatsu.

Sushi Bar! :)

Main Entrees

Soup, noodles, vegetables, classic & modern recipes of meat, chicken, and seafood, pizza, and many more. Here goes a gastronomical journey to Asian and European Cuisine — and I’ve never liked a Main Entree table as much as I liked Buffet 101’s. I especially loved the fried crabs in garlic and chili!

Lovely Ambiance: The Main Entree Table

Meat Station

Lamb, Beef, Pork, or Chicken? Whatever it may be, get it here and have it cooked the way you like — rare, medium, or well done, it’s your thing. Add your choice of sauce and a side. Buffet 101’s friendly staff will happily attend to you.

Meat Station — Beef and Lamb :)

Seafood Station

Although there are lots of seafood on the main entree table, there’s still more at the seafood station! Don’t be reluctant, order crabs, scallops, oysters, prawns, lobsters — whatever you can think of. We ordered Baked Scallops and it was fresh and delectable!

Seafood Station

Baked Scallops!

Dim Sum Station

Tons of food to choose from, huh? If you are a Dim Sum lovah, here’s the station for you. There are so many wrapped delights available so why not get yourself acquainted to each of ’em? :D

Food porn!

Drinks Station

Of course it will make you stuffed. But you can always have a sip between bites, you know! Especially since Buffet 1o1’s drink choices are insane — milk shakes, juices, sodas, coffee, tea, and beer even!

Drinks Station! Shakes, sodas, tea, coffee, juice! :)

Desserts Station

Marvelous! After all the wonderful eating, you still have Buffet 101’s desserts! From various ice cream flavors, colorful candy and chocolate toppings, pastries, cakes (read: cheesecakes!), halo-halo, and even a crepe station! I seriously could live in there!

Desserts! Halo-halo, cake, pastries, ice cream, and crepe station!

The price for all those beautiful, delicious, delectable stops? Less than a thousand Philippine Pesos. You know what that means? You can have it every month! :p

I am missing every bit of Buffet 101, and when I come back to the Philippines, it will most definitely be my first resto stop! :D

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